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Survey on SSI Ecosystem

Your answers to this short survey will be used to assess the status quo of the Smart Systems Integration Ecosystem in Europe, to help identify gaps and recommend strategies to improve it. The assessment looks into players, supply chains, available roadmaps and strategic research agendas, funded projects, ecosystem performance and dynamics, best practice, gaps and needs.


SSI Ecosystem

Please take the time (max. 10 min) to participate in this short online survey:

All responses received by the 14th April will be taken up into the initial analysis of the Status Quo of the SSI Ecosystem. The survey will remain active up to the end of June 2014 when we will close the survey and use the results gained as the benchmark for the future project work.

The assessment exercise is part of the EXPRESS project which is funded by the European Commission to examine and accelerate the adoption of Smart Systems Integration (SSI) in Europe, and as a result to gain global leadership and societal benefits in this fast-developing field.

First results of the assessment will be presented on 26 March 2014 in the first EPoSS Session at the SSI 2014 conference in Vienna.