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Structure & Work Packages

The work in EXPRESS is organised in four thematic work packages (WP2-5) supported by a work package dedicated to the management of the project (WP1). These work packages are interlinked and refer to each other as shown in the diagram below.


WP2: Assessment of status quo / SWOT

WP2 commences the work of EXPRESS by providing a basis for the other work packages through an assessment of the status quo of the SSI ecosystem in Europe in terms of industrial competitiveness and innovation capacity. This involves examining organisations, clusters, roadmaps, and the dynamics of performance from education through the value chain to markets, noting best practice, gaps, needs and opportunities.

The initial assessment will be validated and refined by the involvement of the wider community in Strength/Weakness/Opportunity/Threat and focus sessions. In its final phase WP2 will undertake a second assessment to provide a projection for the future of the ecosystem and the necessary actions to accelerate its development.

WP3: Vision and strategy

This work package sets off with the formulation of a vision for the SSI ecosystem in Europe so as to set the frame for the further work in the project. Following this, it will build upon the EPoSS SRA to encompass relevant content from other SRAs adopted by the ecosystem players identified in WP2, to provide a consolidated resource for use across the SSI ecosystem.

The third key activity of the WP is to develop a strategy and implementation plan for the SSI ecosystem, based on the vision, the assessments, SWOT and refinements of WP2 and the consolidated SSI ecosystem SRA. The strategy and plan will be presented for validation with the advisory board, then handed over to WP4 for implementation.

WP4: Implementation of coordinated approach

This work package is responsible for implementation of the deliverables of WP3. A multi-strand approach will see the consolidated SRA and strategy appropriately transformed as input to Horizon 2020, to consultation processes and funding programmes at national and regional level, and for use as the basis for collaboration with other ecosystems. A very practical “cookbook” for best practice transfer and multi-level collaboration will be created, and a sustainable SSI ecosystem knowledge gateway will be implemented within the EPoSS web platform.

WP5: Engagement, dissemination and infrastructure

This work package will go beyond the traditional dissemination activity of publishing and presenting results. It is split into 4 tasks. The first sets out to stimulate and create benefits from engagement at all possible levels between players within the ecosystem and with other ecosystems. The second task will reach out to new players, the wider public and public authorities. The third comprises the multi-strand dissemination of project findings and recommendations. All three tasks will focus their activities on the target players, groups and levels identified in WP2 and WP3.

The remaining task underpins the overall project in that it provides the necessary web-based service and support infrastructures and advanced ICT to act as a public introduction to the project, to host and link to the knowledge gateway to be developed in WP4, and to provide enhanced communication and interaction within the project.