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POKEN: A Smart System Connecting People and Places


Poken developed by Poken S.A., Switzerland, is a suite of products and software that enables a person to collect and exchange digital information in the real world with a simple touch at events, on tradeshows, etc. It is based on near field communication (NFC), a short-range wireless technology that enables two devices to exchange securely small amounts of data when they are placed a few centimeters apart. Information can be exchanged among

  • pokenSPARK / pokenPULSE, both handheld devices combining a low-power full-featured NFC core and an ultra-low-power controller with 32-bit microprocessor and USB connectibility,
  • pokenTag, an electronic sticker that can store digital documents and multimedia files, and
  • pokenApp, a mobile app running on an NFC-enabled smartphone.

Showcase of Smart System and pictures provided by the IRISS project: