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Application Sectors - Smart Systems: Safety, Security & Reliability

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Example of Safety and SecurityNew feature from Smart Systems
Aerospace Aerospace Airbus
  • Keep low airplanes accidents
  • Navigation and guidance
  • Security controls at airport
  • Operation of UAVs in normal airspace
  • Wing surface monitoring in airplanes
  • Smart System checks for contaminants, and also explosives and narcotics
Communications Communications Cryptographic keyboard
  • SiM card ePayment, e-Banking; Integrity of controls, routing and billing ID
  • Secure and safe deployment of IoT
  • Biometric identity checking of doctor and patient and for access control
  • Near-field communications
Energy Energy Sea Platform
  • Smart metering in Smart Grid
  • SCADA/industrial control systems Protection of sensitive sites and of distribution
  • Green home appliance control
  • Fail-safe robotics, globally connected to sources of knowledge and experience
Environment Environment Gaseous CO2 probe
  • Fire detection, intrusion detection, access control,
  • Crowd behaviour in public spaces
  • Smart cities
  • Recognise anomalies,  change environment to instil calm, or urgency
Health & Beyond Health & Well-being Ambulatory infusion system – Smiths Medical
  • Treat personal health data in privacy
  • Telemedicine
  • Security of dangerous drugs in body-worn devices
  • Patient monitoring at home, with continuous surveillance of health, proximity of the patient and unusual activity
Manufacturing Manufacturing / Factoring Automation Frequency Agile Microwave Bonding System 2
  • Physical safety of human co-workers Robotic co-working but also Design for reliability
  • Avoid copying products
  • Automated inspection processes for the manufacturing of reliable products
  • Vigilance of surroundings and behavior of co-workers
Transport & Mobility Transport overview.png
  • Driver assistance navigation and in the future driverless vehicles
  • Radar for cruise-control and parking
  • In-vehicle data security
  • Smart sensors and systems for driveway management
  • Smart e-actuators for e-mobility
  • V2X communications

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